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Jploft is the leading B2B App Development company having experience in different industries and creates full-service B2B Portal Development solutions for your business. Our B2B app development solutions and services help to optimize your business growth, enhance the user experience, improves efficiency, and expand your distribution channels. Not only this, but our services are beyond your competitor’s reach and help you stand above them.

B2B App Development Solutions

By combining our cross-industry experience and knowledge of advanced technology, we provide you the benefit of building top-class B2B app development solutions for your Business.

B2B Website Development

We build highly functional and appealing B2B website development services to help companies with our unique services.

B2B Application Development

We build high-standard, appealing, and easy to use B2B applications to meet your business goals.

Personalization And Customization

Auto engages prospects with contextually relevant data, it’s all about how they engage and what they care for.

Interactive Catalogs

Electronic business marketplaces, direct links between businesses, and virtual storefronts that capture all the emotions you want to convey.

Real-Time Inventory

Readily available inventory data leads to informed decisions and boost revenue with cross-channel integration.

Order Management

Process orders in one easy tool, update internal & external stakeholders by allowing customer service representatives to process new orders.

Our B2B
Development Process


Analyzing Requirements & Wireframing

Firstly we analyze the requirements and end-goals of the dedicated project. Then our Business Analyst team prepares a blueprint of the project and then the wireframe is created projecting the features, functionalities, and buttons screen-by-screen.



Now the designing part comes to the frame. Our UI/UX Designing team will gear up the project by providing first-class graphics, icons, colors, many more features. The project will be designed by our team as per your requirements.


Frontend and Backend Development

After the designing part is completed, we will move to our development team. The highly-skilled development team develops the frontend and backend of the project with the perfect blend of features and functionalities.


API Integration

Now APIs will be created of the functionalities that are available from the admin side. The APIs will be integrated with the application to make it in a working state. Now you will be able to update the data from the admin side.



Our highly qualified testers test each and every feature and functionality of the project to check whether all the mentioned features and functionalities are working or not. Deep testing is done before finalizing the project.



Our services do not stop here because we will also deploy your project to your server. Due to the deployment, your idea that is converted into an online platform will be now available to your end-users.

Leverage The Benefits Of B2B Solutions!!

Optimize your business growth with our B2B services and solutions because we offer solutions that are beyond competitor�s reach. Jploft provides top-class web and app development solutions for B2B.

Business Solutions Examples

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Why Jploft for B2B

As the competition for visibility and rapid changes is happening in the digital world, it is becoming difficult in building a substantial market share and the most challenging part is of retaining the customers. So it has become a big question about how B2B companies will taste the fruit of success.

Not to worry as JPLoft is expertise in a structured thought process, diversified marketing investments, and an ROI-driven strategy that ensures success for B2B companies.

In a difficult, mobile-savvy world, we will help you set yourself apart from your competitors in the lead pool through a multistep, coherent, and process-driven marketing strategy.

Frequently asked Questions

B2B eCommerce is the selling, buying, and trading of goods and services through an online sales portal between businesses. Since both parties involved are business entities, the transactions are more rational than impulsive. Furthermore, the relationship between the companies involves long-term interests.

We Advise

As consultants and architects specialising in integration, we are always close to our clients in order to offer solutions based on the most advanced technology, to ensure that their systems always keep pace with their businesses

We Develop

We create solutions for the integration of business systems and e-Business platforms fully tailored to our client's needs. Quality, fully-secure solutions, ensuring the fulfilment of development times

We Manage

We take charge of the comprehensive management of your projects and systems, reducing costs, optimising their performance and ensuring the greatest availability and quality, as well as the fulfilment of service level agreements

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