Binzilla app helps you to empty your bins when the councils don't because it is licensed by The Environment Agency CBDU199309. You can enjoy the services in Europe by subscribing to the regular collection of bins based on your postcode.

The Journey

Challenges were

  • Customizing the calendar for enabling and disabling the services.
  • Due to the iOS 13 update, we upgraded the application in between the development phase.
  • Stripe Integration with the latest version.
  • We set up the admin in such a way that even laymen can use it.
  • The booking process was made time-saving with less number of screens.
  • To make it responsive.

What we did

  • We made it responsive to all the devices.
  • Easy-to-use and understand for non-technical people as well.
  • Fast response time of the application.
  • Followed the policy of Apple and made the app live.
  • We used the encryption methodology for securing the data.
  • We added the package management system.


The app is smooth and fast due to which people are loving it. The application is helping people to throw their waste when the councils don't. They just have to subscribe to the regular collection of the bin.

The people are downloading it and are enjoying its services to the fullest. The booking process is also time-saving as there is less number of screens.



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