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Photo Maker

1 Million+ Downloads

This app is listed among the top 20 Photo Editor list in Google Play. It gives you an idea of Unrealistic Photo Editor. It is considered to be the best Photo Editor for your Image Editing experience! Live the moments of the movie you love.

The Journey

Challenges Was

  • To make the app mobile compatible.
  • To open the in-built camera in the app and use the effects according to it.
  • To add dynamic sticker on the photo according to the position of the face or image.
  • To change the background effects according to the requirement of the user.
  • To create an infrastructure that can support several user file uploads and downloads.
  • To create the identity of the brand online.

What We Did

  • Unique application design has been given to the app with the platform-specific approach.
  • Visited more than 20 Photo Editor Apps to meet the requirement of the client.
  • To make it rank on the Play Store and hit the 1+ Million downloads.
  • Created all the visuals for the mobile apps.
  • One-stop Android codebase.
  • Delivered the app with-in the time-line given by the client.

The Results

This Photo Editor app has set a milestone of reaching 1+ Million of downloads and is listed among the top 20 Photo Editor List in Google Play. The user can pick the best Effect sticker from the effect list. The user can also choose the effects of all shapes, sizes, and colors according to their requirement.

This app has become popular among all generations as they get effects as per their requirements. The user also gets many options of effects to choose from such as Crazy Effect, Stylish Effect, and Small Effect. Everyone loves this app because it is fun to do.


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