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The Hall app is for the person who is looking for a wedding hall at an affordable price. The user can check multiple halls and choose the best from them. Not only this, but the app allows guest login through which the user can check the halls and if they find a suitable hall then they can register themselves and book it.

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The Journey

Challenges were

To develop the custom calendar according to the local language of Saudi Arabia.
To make the app compatible with the latest iOS and Android versions.
Made the app support for both English and Arabic (LTR and RTL respectively)
Advance Commission Management that helps in discount.
Tried multiple payment gateways according to the Saudi Arabia Country which was of the local language.
To add the hall region wise and later sort it according to region.

What we did

The layout of the app gets adjusted as per English (LTR) and Arabic (RTL).
Made the app compatible with the dark mode and light mode.
Adjusted the calendar date wise for pricing just like flight bookings.
To make every single picture of the hall zoom-in and zoom-out for a better view.
The advance commission management helps the users get discounts according to the payment they make.
When the user books the hall for a particular date then the color of the date in the calendar changes to green.


The most difficult part while planning a wedding is to find a Hall that fits the pocket and looks stunning. This app exactly does the same thing. People are loving this app as they do not have to go anywhere out in search of a Hall. Instead, they can sit and search for one with just a few clicks.

This app made finding the halls for wedding easy and can check the availability of the hall using the calendar option provided in the app. The calendar feature helps you find the hall that is available for your big day.

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