liteWill: Register "Will" Online

liteWill is the only will online registration platform that is available across the world. The users can register their will here and store it securely for 5 or 10 years without any worries. The app also provides the user with an option to share information about their will. If the user is duly authorized then they can search for their wills.

The Journey

Challenges were

The app was almost developed and it was difficult for us to understand the existing code.
To integrate the features given by the client within the same code.
We had to migrate the older version code to new versions so it could support recent devices or versions.
There is a multi-stage sign-up process that made the testing process difficult for the developers and testers also.
We added new features and also fixed the previous bugs from the previous code.
To manage the app security for making the app highly

What we did

Understood the previous code that was already written.
Fixed all the bugs of the previous code.
We migrated the previous code into the new Android versions carefully without changing the previous design layout.
We made the multi-stage signup process easier than the older version for the users to understand it easily.
The size of the previous app was larger and we compressed the size to make the app lighter.
Included a robust security feature to keep the app secure.


liteWill app is the best app for those who want their Will to be in safe hands. You can create your Will and keep it in here after filling up a form. Your will is safe here and you can make changes in the will, update, or delete it anytime you wish to.

liteWill is loved by people because for the very first time such an app has been developed where the Will can be saved for 5 or 10 years. Will is very important and keeping it safe is very difficult.

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