If you want anything from a shop without going outside then download Mart’Oline app. Mart’Oline is the app that helps you connect with the nearby vendor and can order the items by adding them into the cart or by adding the image of the item slip. Now, just wait for the items to be delivered to your doorstep.

The Journey

Challenges were

To optimize the designs according to the client’s requirements.
To manage the items in the cart because the app can be used with or without login.
To manage the vendors as they can set any limit but admin can set the limit of only 10km.
To add dynamic payment Gateway as per the vendor’s convenience.
To handle the run-time data for better user experience and fast performance.
To develop all the functionalities for login users and guest users.

What we did

The vendor will add the items mentioned in the slip in the cart and then the order is placed.
The requirements of the client changed from time to time so we made the code flexible enough.
We can add additional features to the code anytime without messing up the previous code.
To add maximum functionality in the app keeping the size of the app minimal.
We added the features for those who prefer the product slip instead of adding
the items in the cart. The slip will be uploaded.
We have made the back-end so flexible that if we want to make changes in the app then we can directly do it in the back-end without disturbing the working app.


Mart’Oline app has become the favorite among the people as they just have to place the order and they will receive the order at their home. With the help of this app, people will not have to rush for any item to bring leaving their work. Instead, they just place the door and the order is at your place.

If you don’t want to add the items to your cart, then just write down your items and how much you need them and then just upload the image of the item slip. The rest will be handled by the vendor.

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